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FNF versus Violastro
The most up to date mod from our class of FNF Games online has recently been brought over for you okay as of now, a game called FNF versus Violastro, where Boyfriend and Girlfriend are going head to head with an entertainer like a person from Australia who acquired them in front of cameras on TV, so presently the possibly escape for the couple is if Boyfriend routs him in a melodic fight, something that you will do on two custom tunes: Bwehehe and Stupefy.

Help Boyfriend rout Violastro and get away from the TV!
At the point when you see that bolt images that buoy around Boyfriend match with those over his head, that is the second when you need to press a similar bolt key on your console since that is the way you play and sing the notes of the tunes as per their graphs. You’ve won the melodic fight in the event that you arrive at the finish of the tunes and the advancement bar is in support of yourself. You lose on the off chance that you miss squeezing such a large number of the keys in a steady progression, so be mindful so as not to permit that to occur. Best of luck and also play more fun and dazzeling FNF modes online!

Keoiki: Coder
Jurl: Artist
huntertron: Musician
burgerworm: Charter

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