Free Avenger Games to play for PC, Mobiles, And Tablets in 2021

The last game added to our Top Avenger game online category is called ‘’Avengers Hydra Dash’’ where the story goes like this…Our team of fearless superheroes is required to assemble for a special mission. As you may have guessed it trouble again and this time who could be? Normally the Hydra it’s up to noo good. With the latest intel, our powerful superheroes must infiltrate in the enemy’s territory in order to obtain some special flash drives that contain some secret pieces of information to help our specialists for cracking the Hydra’s network. Also, the flash drives have other information encrypted that can shatter the entire terrorist organization Hydra. Each and every hero has a key part in this mission to succeed, bringing down the evil Hydra network will mean the most significant and successful missions in their heroic career. The first avenger you will play is Captain America, the other heroes are blocked because you need to pass the first levels with all the missions to be able to unlock or get access to the next avengers. In the Avengers Hydra Dash game, there are eight heroes that you can play with and they are: Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Falcon, Black Panther, Falcon Eye, and Hulk.

Each hero has different abilities that could come in handy with this mission. For example, Captain America can bash through enemies with his shield. Iron Man can fly silently to avoid enemies and reach higher platforms. The Black Widow can roll to dodge enemies and crawl in tight passages. The mighty Thor can shock enemies and disable electronic devices with this Mjolnir.

Also, there is two games mode Endless and Story. The Story mode has 12 levels from where you have to collect certain flash drives. The endless mode is for you to see how far ca you go or survive in the game. Press the up key to jump, hold it to tumble-jump, use X to attack enemies, C to use a special ability. Collect tokens to upgrade your characters, as well, in addition to the sticks you have to grab. Remember that each avenger has its own special abilities, which will help to get by with various obstacles. Have fun with this fun fighting game and make sure you play other similar Avenger games online with hundreds of game to choose from!

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